Q: When using the GrillScrubber, how long before the scrubbies need replacement?

A: Scrubbie life varies depending on type of grill, how dirty the grill is and what is being cooked. Forty cleanings is common on smooth grates like stainless steel, chrome and porcelain enamel over steel. Scrubbies wear out faster on cast iron grates. Remember to frequently dip the scrubbies in water during use and clean while the grill is hot immediately after cooking.

Q: Should I clean the grill when it is hot or clean when it is cold?

A: For best performance clean the grill while it is still hot before the “gunk” has a chance to cool off and solidify. You can clean a cold grill but it requires more scrubbing and the scrubbies will wear out faster.

Q: When the scrubbies get dirty can they be cleaned?

A: Yes, the scrubbies can be washed without fear of rusting because they are stainless steel. First rinse the scrubbies under hot tap water then boil them in water for about 5 minutes or place them in the dishwasher.

Q: My barbecue has porcelain enamel grates, the manufacturer recommends cleaning only with a brass bristle brush, can I use the GrillScrubber and will the Grillscrubber damage my grates?

A: Use the Grillscrubber with the stainless steel scrubbies installed without fear of damaging your porcelain enamel grates. The scrubbies will not scratch the porcelain enamel. Do not use the built-in scraper on porcelain enamel grates because it will scratch and damage the porcelain enamel.

Q: Can I buy the stainless steel scrubbies in the store?

A: Typical scrubbies in retail stores are galvanized steel (not stainless steel). Galvanized steel scrubbies wear out immediately and should not be used. If you have a magnet, test the scrubbies. Stainless steel scrubbies are not magnetic, galvanized steel scrubbies are magnetic. GGA offers free shipping on re-orders of scrubbies.

Q: What’s the best way to clean the hard to reach area between the grill bars?

A: Install one scrubbie in the GrillScrubber with about an inch of scrubbie exposed beyond the jaws of the GrillScrubber. Hold one handle, not both, because it is just more comfortable. Dip the scrubbie in water and scrub while bearing down to force the scrubbie between the grill bars.

Q: When using a barbecue hook to turn meat, what’s the advantage of the double Grill Hook versus a single hook?

A: The double Grill Hook holds meat more securely. A single hook allows the meat to “wobble” and possibly fall off. Think about a barbecue fork. Barbecue forks never have a single tine simply because double tines work better.

Q: I’ve always heard “don’t poke holes in the meat, it will let the juices out”, why would I use the Grill Hook instead of tongs?

A: Please consider that more juice can be released by squeezing the meat with tongs than by poking it with a hook. When you use a hook the sharp stainless steel tips hook the edge of the meat, not the center where the juices accumulate. The point being that the hook will just barely penetrate the meat on the seared edge where the juices have been seared in.

Q: Why dip the scrubbies in water while scrubbing a hot grill?

A: By placing the scrubbies in the GrillScrubber, then dipping in water, the added moisture helps to soften and loosen the sauces, fat and charred meat from the barbecue grates. The water acts like a lubricant while the woven stainless steel scrubbies are abrasive enough to dislodge the residue.

Q: Why can’t I just hold a scrubbie in my hand to clean the barbecue?

A: You can hold the scrubbie in your hand (or a pair of tongs) but this method does not work well. The grill will need to cool off enough so your hand doesn’t get burned. You will need to keep constant force on the scrubbie in your hand (or tongs). Plus you will be holding a dirty scrubbie in your hand and you will need to scrub much longer on a cool grate versus a hot grate. The GrillScrubber is 18” long to allow hot cleaning without burning your hand. The GrillScrubber has a strong spring to grasp the scrubbies firmly so they will not slip out of position. Also, your hands stay clean.

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